Penetration Testing

Penetration testing simulates a real cyber-attack with the purpose of testing an environment’s cybersecurity posture. At its most basic, a successful pen test will prove how genuine the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure may be by determining if a threat actor can get through.

What We Do?

White Box Testing

In this test we are provided the server information, network details, operating system details, application details, protocols etc.

Black Box Testing

In this test we are not provided any prior information regarding the networks, applications or systems.

Hybrid Testing

This test is a mixture of both white box testing and black box testing. In this test we first perform the black box testing.

Comprehensive Penetration Testing from qualified experts

A penetration test of has the following characteristics:

  • It manages the risks
  • It simulates real world attacks
  • It validate security posture and controls
  • It discovers the root cause of the attacks and controls it
  • It optimise investment in cybersecurity
  • It provides mitigation of the vulnerabilities found
  • It provides a risk management document for companies

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