SIEM Services

A SIEM system, when used to full advantage, can be the cornerstone of your cyber defense and your compliance. Optimal SIEM results require expert skills and resources, which Paladion can provide you, reliably and cost-effectively.

How it works?

MESH Networks managed SIEM solutions constantly assess your security status and intelligently correlate events and incidents from your security systems and networks.

A SIEM platform in itself does a job, but unless you have experienced eyes devoted to it 24/7, you won’t get the most from it. That’s where we come in.


Detect Suspicious

We notify you when there’s unusual authentication.

Identify Viruses

Traffic analysis & data correlation from end-point mechanisms

Next Generation Firewall

Monitoring and support is available all day, every day

Leading Technology

Service powered by a Gartner Leading platform

Saves Time

We do the analysis, so your team doesn’t have to


Cheaper than hiring & training in-house staff

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